Oxegen Review, Thursday

13 07 2009

I don’t quite know how useful or interesting this will be,for; no main bands played on Thursday and also I was absolutely scuttered off Jager Bombs so my memory is shot. I was looking up my tweets over the weekend and there’s a good dozen on Thursday night that I have no recollection of…..

Oxegen Sign

Moving swiftly on, just a few short mentions;

The queue to get into the campsite was horrendous and I’d arrive for opening time next year because we arrived at the same time as the majority of others. Not fun with a giant backpack.

On the search aspect, we weren’t exactly thoroughly inspected. It was a very Irish “Do you have any glass?” “No” “Grand” thing and that was it.

Ignore the map and don’t try to plan where you’ll stay like I did,because we ended up camping in the middle of blue due to exhaustion when we had aimed for red and the map doesn’t give you a great perspective of things.


DON’T drink lots on the Thursday night because you’ll regret it severely. Not worth the hang-hang on the Friday.

Go to the Thursday stage. As cheesy as the cover bands are, everyone has a great time. I had more fun at the Ac/Dc tribute than at an actual Ac/Dc gig in the same place, a fortnight previous.


On a personal note, I met up with a lovely bunch of Roscommon people including Stephen who I spoke to on the Oxegen forums. [The official one]


Yes, he thinks you’re all losers


….and there’s all the ‘commoners

You and I

Ooh er, Don’t remember that….

Turns out that friends of mine from Tipperary, who I brought to introduce to Roscommoners, had a friend staying in the Roscommon camp! That’s one thing I loved about Oxegen!

To finish off the night, we headed to the silent disco….


No idea who that is.



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